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Kenneth Li, violinist, composer, Hong Konger. A true product of Hong Kong, Kenneth first picked up classical music from childhood and fervently polished his all-round musicality. Plot twist: out of boredom, the musician took a drift and studied jazz, composition and samba percussion at the Guildhall School of Music in the UK, where he shadowed masters like Barak Schmool, Mark Lockheart, Trish Clowes and the F-IRE Collective, formed jazz bands and created works under the giants’ heavy influence.


Over the years, Kenneth has been a member of (Im)Possibilities,  Rhythms of the City and various experimental groups. He has also graced ample stages including London Jazz Festival, Vortex, Kansas Smitty’s, Barbican Centre and more all over the UK. Now a new addition to the local new-wave chamber music group Sea Island and Ferry, Kenneth continues to mark his presence in Hong Kong.


Like lego-building, Kenneth’s music outgrows itself and sends one onto a psychedelic ride; Like modern art, his genre-blending modern music continues to pen his prayers for his people. His debut EP "Hey." is an exemplar of a corny love letter to home, created during his UK-bound days.

"....highly musical...."
"....strong identity...."


Photo by Jacky Poon@Felice Studio

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